1. Microformats
    in 15 minutes

    Michael Montgomery

    Refresh MiamiYahoo! Hispanic Americas29 October 2008

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  3. Who Are You?

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  4. Who Am I?

  5. What are Microformats?

    • “Microformats enable the publishing and sharing of
      higher fidelity information on the Web.”
    • “Small bits of (X)HTML that identify richer data types,
      like people and events in your webpages.”
    • “Building blocks that enable users to own, control,
      move, and share their data on the Web.”
  6. “Markup, with More Meaning.”

  7. “Smart content.”

  8. Beginning with Microformats

  9. What’s the Problem?

  10. Microformats Principles

  11. Microformats Principles

  12. Basics

  13. Several Types of Microformats

  14. Join the conversation: #microformats

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